"Get back into a FRESH, NEW, and LIBERATING nutrition and fitness routine with extra accountability and guidance"

6-Week Flexible Nutrition Program

January 13 to February 22

What You Will Experience for 6-Weeks:


  • Weekly personal video feedback, text message check-ins, and accountability with a nutrition coach throughout the week

  • Access to our Flexible Nutrition Facebook page for outreach, support and accountability between participants and nutrition coaches​

  • A step-by-step guide on how to incorporate Flexible Nutrition into your lifestyle and TAKE CONTROL of your nutrition​

  • PERSONALIZED target calorie and macronutrient goals based on your physical activity level, age, gender, and body composition goals​

  • Easy to follow meal planning worksheets to help you plan out your meals WITH FLEXIBILITY

All the tools you will need for success will be emailed to you once you register! Including a 60 minute recorded orientation to break down the program for you to watch at your convenience and to start setting you up for success from DAY 1!

Before Monday 11:59PM January 6th 

Early Bird Registration MEMBER Pricing: 15/week

Early Bird Registration NON-MEMBER Pricing: 25/week

After Monday 11:59PM January 6th 

Registration MEMBER Pricing: 20/week

Registration NON-MEMBER Pricing: 35/week



Having worked within the fitness industry for nearly 10 years, I have seen and experienced just about every specialty diet out there. What I have noticed is just about all of these diets had one thing in common, the way you lose weight is determined by the foods you cut out of your diet and the foods you add to your diet. Essentially, the foods on the “Good List” are good and you should only eat those. Then anything else that isn’t on the “Good List” is on the “Bad” list, and should not be eaten at all cost.



Pizza + Cookies = BAD (but undeniably delicious)




Chicken + Broccoli = GOOD


Which makes sense, and works. Most people do lose weight by eliminating “bad” foods from their diet, and sticking to just the “good foods”. If you are like most people reading this right now, you’ve probably done a diet like this and it worked!


...Until you fell off the bandwagon and started binging on cookies (lets be real here…we’ve all searched our house late at night for leftover Halloween candy)




Well the answer is surprisingly simple. LIFE happens. We get busy, we have a "cheat meal" that turns into "cheat week", or we simply just get TIRED of eating only chicken and broccoli and don't want to do it anymore.

Most dieting programs are not sustainable for people because they are so RIGID. and create an "on the bandwagon, off the bandwagon mentality". It creates a mental rule that states, "I can't eat this" and "I can eat this".


Well we all know how this story goes...the more I tell you you can’t have chocolate…the MORE you want chocolate!


This is where Flexible Nutrition (Aka Flexible Dieting) comes in. Flexible Nutrition isn’t really so much a “diet”, as it is a lifestyle and nutrition approach. In a nutshell, Flexible Nutrition follows the belief that there are NO miracle weight loss foods or shakes, rather just following a particular macronutrient ratio (fats, proteins, and carbs).


No good foods, or bad foods.


JUST food.


When food enters your stomach, your body isn’t thinking “is this healthy or unhealthy?”. It is simply breaking down the food and processing the macronutrients.

By following the 80/20 Rule (eating 80% nutrient dense/whole foods, and 20% "fun" foods) with an individualized macronutrient plan, you can finally achieve success in reaching your body composition goals and find balance with your nutrition with SOMETHING THAT WORKS FOR LIFE!


This Flexible Nutrition Program is the “diet”, to end dieting. To end the perpetual cycle of being “on the wagon” and “off the wagon”.

This program is for people wanting to experience UNLIMITED Total 40 Training Classes AND HIGH-LEVEL Nutrition Coaching for 6-Weeks to jump-start their weight loss and healthy lifestyle for GOOD!



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