Everything you need in ONLY 45 minutes.

Life is busy.

That's why we have packed EVERYTHING you need into just 45 minutes.

Our 3 key components approach to fitness delivers maximum calorie burn, while building lean muscle and flexibility.

Each session incorporates lean muscle building strength training, fat torching cardio training, and workout recovery training, all while utilizing a wide range of equipment and training styles to maximize your results so you never get bored or plateau. 

Our professional coaches are with you every step of the way in our group personal training atmosphere. Our class size averages between 12 and 24 participants, so you will always get the attention you deserve while striving towards your goals!

Just show up, and we will teach you the rest.

We do it ALL in 45 minutes!


In the IMPACT Group Training program, you will learn proper strength training form and exercises with the guidance of our professional coaches.


Strength training can improve endurance, build LEAN muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and help you develop maximum strength.

We use dumbbells, benches, barbells, cable pulley system, and kettlebells to help you become the strongest version of yourself possible.



Experience Cardio Training like you have NEVER BEFORE with our unique model of combining body weight exercises, with our low impact cardio machines like airdyne bikes, rowing machines, and skiing machines.

Our cardio training model will not only improve your endurance, but also help you burn massive calories while keeping your joints healthy.


Every IMPACT Group Training workout includes a Recovery Training segment where you will recover more effectively from high intensity workouts, improve your flexibility and core strength ALL AT ONCE.​​

We combine elements of Yoga, stretching, mobility drills, and muscle massage techniques to keep you moving and recovering faster.